AmannGirrbach Virtual Artex CR

New product


Model management articulator and universal diagnosis and therapy unit in Arcon design.

Produced by the dental techni-cian in an articulator, a dental prosthesis must function with-out a problem for the patient. An articulator is a great way to emulate the patient move-ments, saving the dentist chair-side time and the patient quite a bit of pain. The reproducible centric rela-tion ensures safe starting and end positions of every jaw movement.
The Artex articula-tor can discover, check and remove any defects smaller than 20µm.

Features :

-Adjust design for high-precision receptor fit.
-Lightweight, strong and ergonomic design and easy handling (since carbon is used as material for the framework and precision parts are either made out of forged aluminum or stainless steel)
-The large working area offering a lot of space for mounting models
-Integrated magnetic model plate system
-3 positions, no tipping over
-Reliably reproducible centric relation for the starting and end positions of every movement, checking position for static occlusion
-Bonwill triangle with 110 mm side length, made up of the intercondylar distance and the incisal point
-Support pin for upper part of the Artex articulator flipped back
-Arbitrary pins for facebow adaptation
-Centric quick lock via mechanically guided semi axis. Arcon clip prevents separation of upper and lower articulator parts while centric is open
-Distraction permitting release of compressed mandibular joints from 0 to 3 mm
-Calibration using Splitex
-Provides comprehensive adjustment possibilities to reproduce the patient`s clearance and movement dynamics
-True masticatory simulator for practice and laboratory. Ideal for model analysis, splint manufacture and correction


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