Shipments and returns

Packaging and Shipping Guidelines

1.1 CUSTOMER RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL SHIPPING COST INCLUDE FOR WARRANTY, NON-WARRANTY, INCLUDING ANY DUTIES AND TAXES. Dentals products are carefully packed to minimize in-transit damage, and all shipments should be carefully examined upon receipt and if a product is damaged, you must document the nature and immediately contact Irmawatri Dentals

1.2 If Dentals concealed loss or damage is discovered, Customer must retain all packing materials and keep the original box and packing materials for storing or shipping, and immediately notify Irmawatri Dentals., requesting an inspection.

1.3 All Dentals or light source / processors should be returned to Irmawatri Dentals

1.4 Irmawatri Dentals is not liable for any damages caused by, or attributable to, delays and/or non-delivery and does not accept responsibility for these items and they will not be returned with the repaired or replacement dentals or light source / processor

1.5 Shipments are F.O.B. shipping point; freight, handling and all applicable taxes will be added to you and must warrant that all goods sent for repair warranty have been disinfected and /or sterilized.

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